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MPI ORIGINAL short films

A jolly, but meek, grocery store manager learns to stand up for himself after a misunderstanding brands him as public enemy #1. Starring Brian Huskey (Veep, People of Earth) and Martin Mull (Arrested Development, Roseanne).
A Piece of Cake
A California father turns to illicit means to get dragées for his daughter’s birthday cake after discovering that the bite-sized silver confections are banned in the state. Starring Rich Sommer (Mad Men).
In a near-future world where all emotions can be controlled by a computerized transdermal “patch” that makes you happy—all the time. A young social worker has second thoughts about her job administering these emotional-regulation patches when she’s assigned a young girl who doesn’t want one. Starring Sunita Mani (Mr. Robot).
Moving Violation
A young woman is determined to “think positive” after a devastating breakup with her fiance. But when the newly-installed speed camera on her street won’t stop watching her, positive thinking quickly turns to getting even. Starring Milana Vayntrub (Werewolves Within, Out of Office).
The Perfect One
A young painter revives his family’s failing business by taking an innovative risk. Starring newcomer Edmerald Gan and Geoff Lee (Dead Ringers).

MPI Original Series We’re Doing Good

Episode One: Compost!
When Miles and Nora decide to be better people, they spend a day driving around Los Angeles looking for a nonexistent compost bin while their frozen food scraps melt in the backseat.
Episode Two: Go Vegan!
Nora and Miles raise online awareness by taking a viral vegan cheese-eating challenge.
Episode Three: Defend the Elderly!
Miles and Nora get involved in a local cause.
Episode Four: Try Poly!
Miles and Nora try to stick it to the patriarchy by attempting polyamory at a dinner party.
Episode Five: Save a Life!
In the season finale Miles and Nora take a CPR class — and a big step in their relationship.