The Documentary Storytelling Workshop is designed for documentary filmmakers who wish to move beyond the “talking head” format and learn how to find the story in their footage, develop character, craft compelling story arcs, and strike an honest, compelling balance between story and argument.

Participants receive a fellowship stipend to attend virtual workshop sessions where they receive feedback on the footage they have shared with the group. They provide feedback to each other and receive instruction from an experienced filmmaker who leads the workshop.

MPI brought together an impressive list of industry professionals and expert filmmakers for the Documentary Storytelling Workshop, all of whom provided invaluable insights from their perspectives within the media landscape—from development all the way to distribution. Any budding filmmaker, especially documentarians, would benefit from such direct access to knowledge and experience.

Trần Hoàng Calvin, MPI filmmaker

Filmmakers are required to submit select scenes, an assembly, or rough cut of a documentary project that is in production. The workshop begins with a four-week session where filmmakers present and receive feedback and learn how to refine the story in their film. There is then a four-week break during which filmmakers reshoot as needed and create a new cut of their film. The workshop concludes with filmmakers presenting a rough cut of their film.

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