In these workshops participants develop original concepts under the guidance of award-winning screenwriters and develop them into compelling, pro-freedom scripts for short or feature length films. There is an opportunity for scripts developed in these workshops to be acquired for production as MPI Original Films.

Participants receive a fellowship to attend weekly virtual workshop sessions, complete assignments, and present their work to the group twice. Filmmakers get initial feedback on their rough draft and receive suggestions for edits. After incorporating the notes given by the instructors and other participants, filmmakers present their scripts a second time to the group for further refinement.

The MPI Screenwriting Workshops are designed so that filmmakers can hone their storytelling craft through an intensive process of writing, revising, reading, and the giving and receiving of constructive criticism.

“In addition to helping me improve my script, I also felt the discussions in the screenwriting workshop allowed me to learn more about storytelling for short-form narratives. The ideas I took away about character development and tension can be applied to future work, including feature scripts.”

Elizabeth Mirzaei, MPI filmmaker and 2021 Oscar Nominee

Applications may be submitted at any time, but please note that we review them on a cyclical basis three times per year. Due to the high volume of submissions, we only contact applicants who advance to the next round of consideration. Only online applications are accepted. Please do not mail or call.