The MPI Collaboration Filmmakers Challenge (CFC) is an intensive two-week filmmaking competition held once a year designed to encourage networking and collaboration among participants. Founded and run by friend of MPI Joe Gressis, CFC always earns rave reviews from its participants.

Challenge participants are tasked with writing, shooting, and editing a short film inspired by a quote assigned at the beginning of the competition. These prompts have themes related to freedom and inspire compelling stories. To encourage collaboration, participants must provide help to at least one other filmmaker in the competition and receive help from at least one other participant.

Over the years, the CFC has successfully helped filmmakers expand their professional network and set up development deals with notable production companies such as Shout! Factory, Adi Shankar’s Infinite Ammo, and Gael Garcia Bernal’s La Corriente del Golfo. Additionally, the program has helped directors and actors find work in Hollywood.

“I’ve always wanted to create my own work. But I’ve been too afraid and procrastinated like crazy. CFC gave me the courage and impetus to try something new. Being able to collaborate with other artists only adds to my creativity.”

Adalgiza Chermont, Past Participant

The 2023 CFC successfully wrapped in June. To join the challenge next year, visit the link below and sign up to recieve notifications.

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