State of Control

Documentary Feature | 2016

State of Control follows two American filmmakers as they travel undercover, documenting Tibetan activists' human rights struggles against the Chinese government's police state. During a full-scale media shut down, a dangerous cat-and-mouse game quickly unfolds—secret police maintain 24-hour surveillance of the filmmakers, leading to hotel break-ins, theft, and cyber-hacking. Working with a team of cyber security experts, the filmmakers realize they are but one small piece of a global cyber crime wave that has impacted the likes of Google, the New York Times, the Washington Post, the Wall Street Journal, a number of Fortune 100 companies, and even the White House.

    • Directors

       Christian Johnston, Darren Mann


      Steven G. Kaplan, Adam Jarret, Christian Johnston, Darren Mann, Erika Rand

      Executive producer

      Mary Akhlaghpour, Denise Bohdan, Russell Long, Stephen Nemeth, Ted Lilley

[The film] should be a wake-up call to all Americans and especially those in the media and entertainment industries. Nobody is off-limits.

Christian Johnston and Darren Mann, The Hollywood Reporter
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