Los Últimos Frikis

Documentary Feature | 2019

A look at communist Cuba's legendary heavy metal band Zeus—the most popular rock stars you've never heard of. The film follows the band's frontman Diony Arce over ten years as he struggles to express himself inside this closed society. Battling against the country's Agency of Rock and the restrictions of its socialist model, Diony and his band of metalheads fight to realize their dreams of stardom despite the limitations thrown in their way.

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    • Director

      Nicholas Brennan


      John Logan Pierson

      Executive Producer

      W. Wilder Knight II, Dave Lombardo, Joey Carey

      Associate Producers:

      Frank Antonio Lopez, Lana Link, Rob Pfaltzgraff

The hook of this documentary is the spectacle of a revolutionary government that can’t abide the rebellion of rock without bureaucratic oversight.

Nicolas Rapold, The New York Times
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