Virginia Walden Ford Reflects on the Impact of ‘Miss Virginia’

July 15, 2021

Virginia Walden Ford, the inspiration behind the MPI Original Film Miss Virginia, recently penned a piece discussing the film’s impact. 

Miss Virginia tells the story of Virginia’s courageous fight to create educational opportunities for thousands of underserved children in Washington, DC. Since the film’s release, she has spent countless hours rallying parents across the country at in-person and virtual screenings, meeting with policy makers, and speaking at conferences to ensure all children have access to quality education. 

“The creative and passionate team at the Moving Picture Institute saw the potential in my story to inspire others,” writes Virginia. “They knew what I would come to know during the process of making this film: true stories are a catalyst for change.”

In the article, Virginia reflects on several tangible ways the film has made a difference for families across the country. She also highlights how it has changed minds. Describing a meeting with Speaker of the Illinois House of Representatives Emanuel “Chris” Welch, Virginia writes: “Speaker Welch told me that seeing the film Miss Virginia helped turn the tide of his opinion . . . He was able to see what choice in education could mean for a single child and a single mother—and extrapolate that to his own constituents. He is now a vocal proponent of expanding educational opportunities in his state.”

Virginia also shares some of the many passionate responses she has received from viewers since the release of the film in 2019. Below is a selection from the article:

“After watching Miss Virginia a few months ago, you inspired me to continue seeking the best education for my children. The challenges of being low income are now forcing me to choose between homeschooling or public education. As a mother of 3 beautiful children, I’m sure you can imagine the difficulties I’m encountering as a working woman.” –Charnel

“I just recently watched the film Miss Virginia, and it has inspired me to begin to advocate for an area of education equality that I personally am passionate about—homeless and transient students.” –Danielle

“I love the movie Miss Virginia. It is an inspiring story and one that got me through some hard times. Thank you for not giving up on your son.” –Jillian

Read the full article here. Are you interested in making a difference in your community? Sign up to host a screening of Miss Virginia, and be a catalyst for change! Learn how to host an event here.

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