‘Funny Thing About Hate Speech’ Tour Praised by ‘Hollywood in Toto’

November 11, 2019

Last week MPI’s comedy news channel We the Internet TV kicked off its fall “Funny Thing About Hate Speech” tour with packed shows in Portland, Los Angeles, and Colorado Springs.

Audiences enjoyed stand-up comedy from WTI TV’s head writer Lou Perez, a screening of the award mini-doc Five Reasons Why We Need Hate Speech, and a stimulating panel discussion with special guests on the value of protecting free speech in society.  

Well-known entertainment blogger, podcaster, and radio co-host Christopher Toto attended the Colorado Springs show, writing up his experience for his site Hollywood in Toto. Christoper’s piece, “Here’s Why Lou Perez’s ‘Hate Speech’ Tour Matters,” positively covers the show, highlighting its non-partisan tone and in-depth conversation with experts Amie Stepanovich of Silicon Flatirons and University of Colorado, Colorado Springs Professor Joshua Dunn.

This Wednesday, November 13th the #FunnyHateTour will stop in Washington, DC featuring Lou, AEI scholar Christina Hoff Summers. and Reason.com associate editor Robby Soave. Get all the details and grab your tickets here.

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