Narrative Short | 2019

In the near future, a young social worker named Mia travels through a small-town community to administer behavior-modifying "patches" that guarantee happiness for the wearers. She must decide what to do when Kaleigh, a precocious 10-year-old girl, refuses to accept the patch and takes Mia on a tour of the imagination that her unregulated feelings bring.

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    • Writer-Director

      Ryan Patch


      Joanne Vo

      Executive Producer

      Lana Link, Rob Pfaltzgraff


There are a number of contentious issues in our country that, at their core, are discussions that pit something that might make society ‘better’ against a loss of individual freedoms…I hope that this film serves as a starting place to discuss these issues, and for each side to empathize with the values and motivations of the other.

Ryan Patch, MPI filmmaker


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