MPI Original Short ‘Regulation’ Premieres on DUST

December 19, 2019

Today the award-winning MPI Original short Regulation makes its public debut on the sci-fi streaming platform DUST

Regulation stars Sunita Mani (GLOW, Mr. Robot) as Mia, a young social worker who travels through a small town community to administer behavior-modifying “patches” that guarantee happiness for the wearers. She must decide what to do when Kaleigh, a precocious 10-year old girl, refuses to accept the patch, and takes Mia on an inspiring journey through a world of imagination that only an unregulated child’s feelings could create.

Written and directed by MPI filmmaker Ryan Patch, Regulation has had an impressive run at film festivals around the world with screenings at the BAFTA-qualifying Aesthetica Short Film Festival, Napa Film Festival, and the International Horror and Sci-Fi Film Festival, among others. 

Watch the film today!

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