‘We the Internet TV’ Launches Multi-City Tour

October 29, 2019

MPI’s comedy news channel We the Internet TV is taking its unique “equal opportunity offender” brand of comedy on the road again next week with live shows in Portland, Los Angeles, Colorado Springs, and Washington, DC.  

Hosted by WTI TV’s head writer and producer Lou Perez, the “Funny Thing About Hate Speech” tour events include cocktails, stand-up comedy, a screening of our award-winning mini-doc Five Reasons Why We Need Hate Speech, and a panel discussion where First Amendment experts, activists, and journalists weigh in on pressing free speech issues.

The #FunnyHateSpeech tour premiered this spring to a packed house in New York City. Click below to see what you missed.

Register here to join Lou and panelists including columnist Dr. Debra Soh, journalist Robby Soave, and American Enterprise Institute scholar Dr. Christina Hoff Sommers. 

Reserve your seat today as these events are filling quickly!

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