New Campus Speech Mini-Documentary

March 22, 2017


Today, the Moving Picture Institute’s comedy web channel We the Internet TV released a new short documentary Silence U Part 2: What is Yale Becoming?, the follow-up to its 2016 viral hit Silence U: Is the University Killing Free Speech and Open Debate?

The film examines Yale’s notorious controversy surrounding administrative controls over Halloween costumes. The film asks: If universities can’t tolerate debate about controversial issues, how can they call themselves places of learning? The 12-minute documentary has already garnered press in the New York Times and the College Fix.

From director and Moving Picture Institute filmmaker Rob Montz:

“The silence from students shocked me. Forget what’s right—students openly told me they wouldn’t say anything controversial or speak out against the administration because it could jeopardize their job prospects.”  

Check out the new mini-documentary below!

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