MPI’s Moving Picturecraft Cinematography Workshop Gets Underway

November 13, 2020

Tomorrow ten freedom-minded filmmakers begin the first stage of Moving Picturecraft, MPI’s cinematography workshop.

Led by MPI filmmaker Benjamin Gaskell, participants will receive expert instruction from award-winning members of the American Society of Cinematographers (ASC), including six-term past president of the ASC Richard Crudo (American Buffalo; American Pie; SWAT) and Charles Minsky (Pretty Woman; You, Me and Dupree; Princess Diaries II).

Fellows will learn about the necessity of pragmatism and tangible wisdom in the craft of cinematography, how to capture the emotional focal point of a scene, and the importance of decision making behind the lens.

In the final stage of the workshop, the filmmakers will converge at a world-class soundstage in Los Angeles for hands-on experience with industry-standard cameras and lighting systems. Under the instruction of acclaimed cinematographers, participants will be split into groups where they will put the techniques they learned during their classroom sessions to work as they light and shoot a dramatic scene.

In the words of one of our 2019 Moving Picturecraft fellows, “I loved the experience because I got to try things I have never done before with such high-end and cutting edge equipment that I might not get my hands on for a very long time. I know I made the most of that time, thanks to MPI.”

Watch the trailer below to learn more about MPI’s Moving Picturecraft workshop!

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