MPI Filmmakers Complete Immersive Cinematography Workshop

December 8, 2022

Eight filmmakers recently completed MPI’s cinematography workshop, Moving Picturecraft. Co-led by award-winning MPI filmmaker Benjamin Gaskell and MPI’s director of talent and creative development Hannah Ruth Earl, participants spent four days on a world-class Los Angeles soundstage where they received expert instruction from working cinematographers and hands-on training in state-of-the-art lighting, camera, and lens technology.

During the workshops, filmmakers were each tasked with designing the lighting and camera movements for a simple scene. They then had one hour to run their “sets” as the cinematographer utilizing fellow participants as their crew. This assignment gave each filmmaker a sense of time and crew management as well as experience with various crew roles and film technologies. At the end of the workshop, each filmmaker’s final product was reviewed and critiqued by the group. 

Participants particularly praised the unique opportunity to run their own sets under the tutelage of respected cinematographers. An attendee summed up the experience writing, “I believe that Moving Picturecraft was the ideal workshop to provide the support and attention my film career needs.” 

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