‘Melons’ on Omeleto Sparks Interest

February 24, 2023

The Omeleto debut of the MPI Original Film Melons is attracting a storm of great comments, and the short has garnered almost 24,000 views since it was posted on February 16. We caught up with the writer and director, Matt MacDonald, this week and he remarked, “It’s been such a blast watching the online response to Melons. Despite its silliness, the story seems to have connected with so many different people across so many different backgrounds. It’s especially rewarding to see comments about tiny, hidden jokes that I never expected anyone but me to laugh at and notice. Here’s hoping people continue finding humor and perspective with Nigel and his melons.”

Here is a sample of the comments you’ll see on YouTube:

“Now that was a FUN watch, congratulations on pulling off such a silly farce. Loved all the subtle details. Martin Mull was a great surprise…” 

“Awesome. Much of this is needed for the world to recover a bit of balance.”

“I really enjoyed this short. Nice to see comedies on the film circuit—not just the drama-ramas.”

“A masterpiece! It made my day.”

“Great work, Matt. I really enjoyed everything about your film–the writing, acting and production is perfect. I love the style of the film. Congratulations.”

MPI is thrilled with this evidence that Melons is entertaining audiences and inspiring conversations. Watch Melons on Omeleto here, and see the conversation on YouTube here!

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