‘Kemba’ Awarded Impact Campaign

February 20, 2024

Represent Justice selected the MPI Original and BET Original film Kemba from a competitive pool of high-quality films to receive their Impact Campaign grant. MPI will work closely with Represent Justice and Kemba’s executive producer Kemba Smith Pradia to plan and execute a social impact campaign that leverages the film to spur policy change regarding mandatory minimum sentencing at the state and federal level. Represent Justice’s support will be a huge boost to help maximize awareness, increase exposure, and encourage grassroots action. 

In a release, the group writes, “Represent Justice is committed to addressing the justice system’s impact on young women of color and highlighting the harms caused by extreme sentencing. The Kemba impact campaign will mobilize audiences across the country to participate in the movement advocating for sentencing reform. The time to act is now.”

To learn more about their work and inquire about hosting a screening of Kemba within your community, visit the Represent Justice website here

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