Apply Now for MPI’s Summer Internship Program

February 3, 2022

The deadline to receive priority consideration for this summer’s Hollywood Career Launch Program is Monday, March 1. This highly-competitive internship program equips freedom-minded filmmakers with the experience, knowledge, support, and network they need to succeed in the film industry. 

MPI’s summer interns are placed in paid positions on the sets of MPI Original Films and at major production houses, such as BRON Studios (Joker, The Way Back), Millennium Entertainment (The Expendables, Olympus Has Fallen), and Bold Films (Drive, Vox Lux). 

Throughout the summer, MPI also provides several opportunities for participants to enhance their internships. For example, our interns kick off the semester with MPI’s Intern Summit which prepares them for success as they enter their first professional experiences in the film business. The Summit connects interns with MPI’s network of filmmakers and grants them access to MPI’s staff and guest speakers, who offer a wealth of advice. Interns learn the inner workings of the entertainment industry, which equips them to more effectively capitalize on their internships. 

Interns then regularly attend MPI’s virtual Freedom and Film Series, featuring instruction from industry experts on topics such as how to navigate the entertainment industry and how to analyze a script for impactful freedom themes.

MPI also sponsors the Academy Gold Rising program, which provides additional mentorship to MPI interns from members of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences. This is an opportunity for selected interns to receive specialized training in their chosen area of filmmaking in addition to the work they do at their host company. This program also gives all MPI interns access to Academy programming such as networking opportunities with industry professionals and educational workshops. 

If you possess strong communication skills, independence of thought, creative talent, a demonstrated interest in pursuing a career in film, and a shared vision of freedom through film, apply here today! 

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