‘A Piece of Cake’ Star Rich Sommer Interviewed by Oscar Race Reporter

December 11, 2020

In a recent interview with AwardsDaily, an online editorial that specializes in covering the Oscar race, Sommer discussed what attracted him to the lead role of Jim in the MPI Original short A Piece of Cake.

“Historically, I have played some grungy dudes who looked like they were going to be nice at first. That’s kind of become my specialty,” explained Sommer. “What’s nice about A Piece of Cake is that he [Jim] was willing to bend rules or breaks [sic] laws that were all pointing to be [sic] a good father. The end goal is that I am willing to do these underhanded things if that means I can be a good guy. Looking at this role compared to, say, 90 percent of the parts I play–whether they be adulterers or murderers–it did appeal in a way because it was a good guy at the end of the day.”

Rich also spoke about his experience working with MPI filmmakers Austin and Meredith Bragg who are also producers at Reason TV:

“One of the conversations we had early on [sic] that this was not to be bound by logical thinking. This guy is not making the most informed decisions along the way. It’s whatever gets him to his end goal, in this case these dragées, and he will literally, it seems, do anything to do it. He ends up in a place that’s tantamount to a heroin den for these silver candies. I liked that Austin and Meredith were so into seeing what the extent of this can be. I used to do improv a hundred years ago, and that’s all about heightening. If this, then what else? Is there a ceiling that will stop him? Maybe he stops shy of, you know, murder, but that’s about it.”

A Piece of Cake stars Rich Sommer (Mad Men) and is a very timely, smart, and funny take on government overregulation. It follows a father on a high-stakes journey to secure the banned birthday cake decorations he promised his daughter.

The film has been accepted into more than 20 film festivals including four that are Oscar-qualifying, and its accolades include a nomination for Best Narrative Short at the Tribeca Film Festival and Best Comedy and the Audience Choice Award in Comedy at the Indy Shorts International Film Festival.

Watch the trailer below!

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