Want to Win a $5,000 Development Deal?

April 13, 2017


The Collaboration Filmmakers Challenge (CFC) is a nonprofit film competition run by filmmaker Joe Gressis. CFC contestants create a short film in two weeks while also collaborating on at least one other filmmaker’s project . . . and there are some incredible prizes up for grabs. 

This year’s CFC will run from May 17th–31st. Films created for the competition will be inspired by a quote revealed at the kickoff party in Los Angeles on May 16th. Contestants do not need to live in Los Angeles to participate, but they will need to connect with or recruit at least two other filmmakers in their city in order to meet the minimum required number of collaborators. 

The best films, as chosen by CFC’s panel of industry professionals, will be shown to a full house at LA’s prestigious Harmony Gold Theater on June 9th.

This is not only a vital networking opportunity, it’s a chance to win over $12,000 in prizes AND a $5,000 feature or TV development deal with Adi Shankar.

As a bonus, Moving Picture Institute filmmakers who register will have their entry fees waived, and the first 10 Moving Picture Institute filmmakers to apply may be eligible for a $500 grant from CFC once their film is completed and submitted.

This opportunity should not be missed, so sign up today or share with a filmmaker you know!

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