Two MPI Interns Complete Prestigious Academy Gold Program

September 8, 2020

MPI Interns Sophie Yass and Courtney Smith recently completed their participation in the 2020 Academy Gold program. The program, which is hosted by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, provided Sophie and Courtney the opportunity to enhance their MPI Hollywood Career Launch Program internships. Their participation included exclusive access to Academy members in addition to supplementary panel discussions, workshops, and networking events. And, at the conclusion of the program, they were  assigned to a personal, extended mentorship with an Academy member.

“It was an honor and a pleasure to be a part of the Academy Gold 2020 program,” said MPI intern Sophie Yass, who interned with the development and production teams at New York-based Moxie Pictures. “The Gold program opened my eyes to parts of the film industry that I was not aware of before. I would have never guessed that I would work on a pitch for an animated short film during this unusual summer, and because of the Gold program, I not only created a pitch but discovered a newfound love for shorts. I look forward to working with my Academy Gold mentor this fall and hopefully pursuing my interest in documentaries and research.”

MPI intern Courtney Smith, who interned in both the marketing department at BRON Studios and the development department at Millennium Media, added her thoughts: “One of the highlights of the Gold program was the opportunity to work with a small group to produce a tangible deliverable by the end of the summer while also creating a safe space for us to practice our networking skills. All together, the program was an incredible chance to discover the industry and gain a terrific support system as we continue journeying through the world of entertainment!”

MPI is a sponsor of the Academy Gold program, which provides all MPI interns access to Academy programming such as curated panels, private film screenings, networking opportunities with industry professionals, studio tours, and educational workshops. 

The MPI Hollywood Career Launch Program creates a network of alumni with whom we continually communicate, offering career opportunities and fostering a sense of community. Since the program began, more than 60% of program alumni (over 100) are now working full-time in the entertainment industry. 

Are you an aspiring, young filmmaker looking to break into the industry? Apply to MPI’s Hollywood Career Launch Program today for your opportunity to get a foot in the door!  

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