Star of ‘We’re Doing Good’ Wins Best Performance at SeriesFest

May 12, 2022

Emily Pendergast (Veep) was awarded best performance in a digital series at SeriesFest this week for her role in the MPI Original Series We’re Doing Good. The first two episodes of the comedy screened during the festival in Denver, CO.

The award presenter praised Emily’s performance as Nora, who along with her boyfriend Miles, played by Jonathan Braylock (Astronomy Club), vows to be one of “those couples”— the ones you see buying organic soap, donating to the correct charities, posting flawless volunteer selfies; the ones who are always making the world a better place. However, despite their best efforts, they fail humorously and spectacularly at every turn often harming the very causes they are trying to help.

“We all saw ourselves in her honest and exacerbated portrayal of someone trying to do good when the world feels like it’s falling apart,” said the SeriesFest presenter. “She is instantly lovable, so hilarious, and perfectly represents a major personality type of our current times.”

Get a glimpse of the upcoming comedy series We’re Doing Good by watching the trailer below. Congratulations, Emily! 

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