Roger Sharpe Goes to Columbia: MPI Hosts Screening of ‘Pinball’ in Effort to Repeal South Carolina Law

March 10, 2023

This week, in an effort to change the law against minors playing pinball in South Carolina, the Moving Picture Institute together with Bang Back Pinball Lounge hosted a screening of Pinball: The Man Who Save the Game. Roger Sharpe, whose life inspired the film Pinball and whose efforts helped rollback the first laws against pinball in 1976, traveled to South Carolina along with Meredith and Austin Bragg, the writer/directors of the film, and MPI’s Lana Link and Tara Gallardy. They traveled to Columbia, South Carolina, to meet with lawmakers and then show Pinball and allow for a Q&A discussion. A bill that would repeal the current law was recently filed by State Rep. Todd Rutherford. These efforts in Columbia were to build momentum around this bill and encourage South Carolina legislators to work together to rid the books of this ridiculous law against minors playing pinball.

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