New We the Internet TV Mini-Documentary

November 9, 2018


Today, the Moving Picture Institute’s comedy web channel We the Internet TV released a new short documentary the Quarterlife User Manual, which lays out some hard truths for college grads entering today’s evolving workforce. 

Through interviews with entrepreneurs and experts, Moving Picture Institute filmmaker and director Rob Montz uncovers 10 truths about finding meaningful work in today’s competitive, and often confusing, career landscape. An alumnus of several MPI programs, he most recently joined us for our cinematography and editing workshops this summer.

In the film, Montz—who is known for his fast-paced and hard-hitting short documentaries—gives recent grads advice he wishes he’d had when entering the workforce. Step 1? “Realize that the universe does not care.” From Montz:

When I left college, I had no clue how to actually navigate the working world, and the only advice people could give me was “go to law school.” The aim of this documentary is to transmute that pain and loneliness and aimlessness of my twenties into realistic, actionable pieces of advice. I’m not going to lie to people about how tough it is to secure meaningful work. But I do think there are some straightforward rules that, if you stick with them, can lead you there.

Check out the new mini-documentary below!

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