New Film on Identity Politics from MPI Filmmaker

February 28, 2017


Moving Picture Institute-supported filmmaker Eli Steele adds an important perspective to the national conversation about race in his new documentary, How Jack Became Black. In the film, Steele reveals that being a multiracial American is not a black and white issue. 

The documentary begins when the local elementary school denies enrollment to Steele’s multiracial son. Why? Because he will not identify his “primary race.”

The film is already earning attention in major news outlets. National Review called the film “a fascinating (and disturbing) exploration of the contemporary subordination of the individual to careerist bureaucracies and anti-humanist orthodoxies.”

We placed filmmaker J.M. Bartelt on this production through our Hollywood Career Launch Program. He explained, “It has been quite the ride working with Eli, I gained so much great experience and I know for sure that my skills have probably doubled in many areas. Thanks again to MPI for the extensive support, it has been incredibly valuable.”

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