MPI’s Editing Workshop Goes Virtual

August 26, 2020

This Saturday, more than a dozen filmmakers will begin their four-week virtual fellowship in MPI’s editing workshop—the Mindful Editor. Produced in partnership with Smock Media, the workshop will be led by award-winning editor, documentary producer, and director Adam “Hawk” Jensen. Fellows will also learn from industry professionals, including award-winning editors Jonathan Glenn (Project Runway, The Academy Awards, The Queen Latifah Show) and Tom Wilson (Mad Men, Mr. Right, Castle Rock).

Fellows will learn how to craft emotionally powerful stories while also addressing ways to reduce the burnout that comes with an editor’s demanding schedule. Films go through three phases: the film that’s written in the script, the film that’s shot during production, and ultimately, the film that’s cut in the editing room.

In the workshop, fellows will be split into groups to edit a short video receiving technical advice about how to create a film that emotionally connects with viewers. Each group is assigned a different focus audience, but they will all use the same source material. At the conclusion of the workshop, participants will vote on the best video and discuss the specific decisions made in the editing room that helped it stand out from the rest.

A unique component to the Mindful Editor is the emphasis on mindfulness and minimizing the creative burnout that comes with an editor’s work. Fellows are taught how to manage their stress and balance workloads to increase productivity.

As one of MPI’s 2019 fellows put it, “The Mindful Editor is an intense and eye-opening workshop…I gained a better understanding of how the creative choices I make in my work elicit specific reactions with the audience, and that will help me become a more effective storyteller.”

To catch a sneak peek into the Mindful Editor workshop, watch the short trailer below!

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