MPI Wraps Screenwriting Workshops As Part of Short Film Lab

May 20, 2021

The filmmakers accepted into MPI’s 2021 Short Film Creative Development and Production Lab recently completed their Screenwriting Workshops. Soon, a select few will advance to the Directing Workshop phase of this year’s Lab.

The thirteen filmmakers met weekly over the last eleven weeks to develop and rewrite their original concepts and scripts under the guidance of award-winning screenwriters. All projects relate to this year’s Lab theme, “When the Cure Is Worse Than the Disease,” with topics ranging from cancel culture and identity politics to totalitarianism and socialism to overregulation and social engineering.

“I made extensive changes to the script based on notes I received,” said Lab participant Chris Edgar. “I have a number of scripts in development that I know are going to be improved by virtue of my experience and the insights I gained in the workshop.” 

“This was an amazing opportunity to develop a script alongside a producer who was able to speak to MPI’s goals and preferences,” commented Lab participant Monica Lucas. “I expect this is how it would be working with a studio’s development team, and it was a great way to practice giving and receiving professional notes.”

The filmmakers with the top scripts in the MPI Screenwriting Workshops will advance to MPI’s Directing Workshop where they will learn the skills needed to effectively manage a crew, communicate with a cast, and prepare for pre-production, production, and post-production. At the completion of the Directing Workshop, MPI will acquire the very best scripts to produce as MPI Original Films.

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