MPI Original Short “A Piece of Cake” Coming Soon

March 12, 2019


We’re thrilled to announce that we’ve begun pre-production on A Piece of Cake, a new MPI Original comedy short from Austin and Meredith Bragg. The Bragg brothers are award-winning video producers and editors at Reason TV. Their videos have been viewed millions of times and have been featured on Deadline,, the Atlantic, NPR, Politico, CNN, PBS, and Comedy Central.

In 2018, Austin and Meredith participated in MPI’s thirteen-week Concept Development workshop to refine their skills in character-driven narrative filmmaking. There, they developed an idea for a short dramedy about a father who breaks California law when he tries to buy a banned decoration for his daughter’s birthday cake.

After the workshop ended, MPI’s chief creative officer, Erin O’Connor, worked with the Braggs as they wrote and revised the script. Now, MPI is producing the film, with Austin and Meredith co-directing. A compelling look at over-regulation, the film will be produced in 2019 and will premiere in festivals in 2020.

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