MPI Interns Receive On-Set Training

June 17, 2020

The Moving Picture Institute’s Hollywood Career Launch Program identifies, mentors, and trains young filmmakers, placing them in paid internships at production companies such as BRON Studios (Joker), Millennium Media (Angel Has Fallen), and Bold Films (Drive).

Interns also have the opportunity to work on the set of MPI Original films. This past summer a select few were chosen to work behind the scenes of MPI’s upcoming short A Piece of Cake, starring Rich Sommer (GLOW, Mad Men). This experience gave them insight into how a professional set is managed, provided them with hands-on industry experience, and introduced them to a network of film professionals to help in furthering their careers.

“I am so grateful for the opportunity to work on A Piece of Cake,” says MPI intern Kim Stratton. “I made contacts that I continue to work with today—and those contacts even led to another internship opportunity!” 

MPI intern Matthew Middendorf writes of the experience, “As a production assistant, I had the opportunity to watch and learn from other professionals in how they set up lighting, cinematography, and directed actors. As the days progressed, the different departments were incredibly informative in how they accomplished their goals on set and within their careers, and were happy to talk to me about my own goals within the film industry.”

The entertainment industry is notoriously hard to break into but thanks to MPI’s Hollywood Career Launch Program, young filmmakers like Kim and Matthew are getting their foot in the door. 

Applications for our internship program are accepted on a rolling basis. To learn more and apply, click here

Learn more about A Piece of Cake and watch the trailer at

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