MPI Intern Accepted into Highly Competitive NBC Page Program

August 1, 2019

MPI’s Hollywood Career Launch Program enables young filmmakers to break into the entertainment industry, placing interns with partner production companies such as NBCUniversal, Lionsgate Entertainment, and Magnolia Pictures. The program positions interns for future success in the industry, with many going to paid positions at their host companies or other prestigious internship programs. 

One such success is 2018 alum Matthew Hanisch, who was recently accepted to the NBC Page program in Los Angeles. Previously, Matthew interned with Bron Studios through MPI and was awarded an advanced internship at Karga Seven Pictures.

Highly selective, the Page program is known as “Hollywood’s ultimate bootcamp” and the “golden ticket that opens every door.” Past pages include former Disney CEO Michael Eisner, Regis Philbin, and Aubrey Plaza. In this year-long appointment, Pages rotate through assignments, gaining hands-on skills in NBC’s content, business, and consumer divisions.

MPI caught up with Matthew to discuss how MPI’s internship program prepared him for his exciting new adventure:

How did MPI support your early career as a filmmaker? 

MPI helped me acquire some of the first paid internships on my resume. I could not have continued to expand my network or my experiences without its support. 

What skills did you gain from MPI that have helped in your career?

It was actually the skills I learned from MPI that I used to acquire my semester-length internship at NBCUniversal (NBCU), which ultimately helped secure my spot as a Page.

When I first applied for the NBCU fall internship I was rejected. However, the skills I learned from MPI helped me navigate that rejection. I knew to politely respond, thanking the manager for his time and to continue to express interest and update him on my experience over the following months. When I applied again for the spring semester, the hiring manager remarked upon my earlier professional demeanor and hired me.

I was grateful that MPI had helped prepare me so adequately for this experience. 

What are your long-term career goals? 

I’m not exactly sure what I want to do at this point in my career, but I know I want to do it at a place like NBCU with the support of people like those at MPI. 


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(The views expressed in this interview are my own and do not express the views or opinions of NBCUniversal or its affiliates.) 

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