“Gringa” headed to Fayetteville Film Fest

September 19, 2018


MPI’s original dramedy short, Gringa, will screen at the 2018 Fayetteville Film Fest this weekend as part of the Narrative Shorts: Comedy Block. Gringa, co-written by MPI-supported filmmaker Claudia Murray and MPI’s vice president of talent development, Lana Link, depicts the story of a Cuban-American woman on a frenzied mission to find a rare car part before she and her abuelo leave for a trip to Havana. 

Many idealistic filmmakers tell their investors that they want to tell stories matter and can even fuel change in society. But how many filmmakers have defined what impact means to them? Or have maximized their potential for impact as early as the development stage? To answer these questions, Lana will be hosting a masterclass at the festival on “How to Tell Stories That Make an Impact.”

Check our Events page for more details on this weekend’s screening and masterclass.

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