‘Freedom Hair’ Racks Up Festival Awards

July 2, 2024

Freedom Hair continues its remarkable festival run, winning awards and captivating audiences around the globe. Based on the true story of Melony Armstrong, who bravely fought to untangle overly burdensome regulations to free the art of hair braiding in the State of Mississippi, the film has resonated deeply with viewers.

MPI congratulates Dianne Houston, Freedom Hair’s Oscar-nominated writer/director, on winning the Best Director Award at the 2024 African Film Festival (TAFF). Lenora Casmore, a representative from TAFF, praised the film, writing: “In the echoes of applause and the lingering memories of cinematic brilliance, your film artistry at TAFF-2024 will continue to resonate with all attendees as a reminder of the transformative power of film to illuminate, empower, and connect us all.”

In addition to its success at TAFF, Freedom Hair won the Best Feature Film Award at the 13th Annual Charlotte Black Film Festival in Charlotte, North Carolina. The impact of Freedom Hair also extends beyond U.S. borders, as the film had its international premiere this past weekend at the African Diaspora Cinema Festival in Florence, Italy. For our domestic audience, it will next screen as an official selection at the Martha’s Vineyard African American Film Festival in Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts, and the Greenwood Film Festival in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Learn more about the film and find a future screening near you at FreedomHairFilm.com.

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