Comedy Residency Provides Unmatched Writers Room Experience

August 14, 2019

Last month six participants took part in MPI’s immersive four-day Comedy Residency led by We the Internet TV’s head writer Lou Perez. 

Participants were drawn to the Residency’s unique format, which gave many their first introduction to working in a writers’ room. 

“I’ve done a lot of comedy writing and workshopping in informal settings, but I have always wanted to know what a real writers’ room is like, and whether I had the talent to be part of one,” said Joseph Kast. “I love WTI’s videos, so an opportunity to collaborate with their staff writers and my highly accomplished residency peers was too good to pass up.”

Throughout the week these comedians worked collaboratively to pitch, write, and revise sketches in keeping with WTI’s “equal opportunity offender” brand of non-partisan satire. With writers coming from across the political spectrum, residents took away a better understanding of how to authentically tackle hot-button issues from all angles and write for diverse viewpoints.

“I was really curious about how you could actually create funny things together if you don’t all necessarily hold the same views,” said Elvira Ibragimova. “I realized it was helping the comedy to have so many views in the room.”

Kast added that the Residency was a great opportunity to work with “a channel that is trying to transcend the polarized culture wars ravaging the arts now. WTI expects unique, original twists on political humor.”

Are you an aspiring satirist looking for real world writers room experience? Watch here for updates on our next Comedy Residency or pitch your idea directly to WTI at

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