Behind the Scenes of MPI’s New Comedy Series

December 17, 2021

Our latest video takes viewers behind the scenes of the MPI Original Films’ comedy series We’re Doing Good. MPI shot the five-episode series this summer over the course of a week with a cast and crew of more than 75 people (including 6 interns from MPI’s Hollywood Career Launch Program).

We’re Doing Good stars Emily Pendergast (HBO’s Veep) and Jonathan Braylock (Netflix’s Astronomy Club) as a young millennial couple that is aspiring to “do good” in the world. Despite their best efforts, however, they fail humorously and spectacularly at every turn often harming the very causes they are trying to help. 

The video from set features the series’ writer-director Elvira Ibragimova discussing how MPI developed, acquired, and produced the series with her, which she initially pitched during an MPI workshop.

MPI is currently entering We’re Doing Good in festivals for a premiere in 2022.

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