2081’s New Classroom Life and Vonnegut Library Screening

July 11, 2017


This month, the Moving Picture Institute participated in the Kurt Vonnegut Memorial Library’s annual Teaching Vonnegut workshop in Indianapolis. Geared at educators, we hosted a special screening and lecture around our original sci-fi short 2081. The film is a star-studded adaptation of Kurt Vonnegut’s short story “Harrison Bergeron.” 

Celebrating the educational re-release of this 2009 film, this event and special screening event presented an opportunity to watch the film and discuss how Vonnegut’s work remains as relevant today as in the 1960s.

Though the film has already reached thousands of students nationwide, we launched a new initiative this year to reinvigorate its use in schools. To that end, we partnered with Passing Lane Films to create supplementary classroom materials, complete with lectures featuring Dr. Sarah Skwire and standards-based lesson plans. 

Designed for use in English and social studies classes, the curriculum uses the film as a springboard for critical thinking around themes such as freedom, resistance, equality, and the role of government.

Learn more at Teaching2081.org, and check out the film’s trailer below.

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