About Us

The Moving Picture Institute (MPI) is a production company and talent incubator that creates high-impact films designed to entertain, inspire, and educate audiences with captivating stories about human freedom.

Founded in 2005 on the belief that stories can change the world, we advance our mission in two unique and effective ways: producing original content in-house and launching talented filmmakers’ careers.

MPI Original Films use the popular and accessible medium of visual storytelling to educate people about what freedom is and why it matters. We reach hundreds of millions by distributing our films to theaters and digital streaming platforms such as Apple TV, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, and YouTube. And MPI’s films and filmmakers consistently win major awards and screen at top-tier film festivals such as the Tribeca Film Festival and South by Southwest (SXSW).

MPI’s Rising Filmmaker Program identifies, trains, and supports a growing network of freedom-minded directors, screenwriters, producers, and industry executives. We strategically invest in filmmakers at key points in their careers, work with them to develop high-impact concepts and scripts, and then we acquire the best scripts to produce as MPI Original Films.

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A jolly, but meek, grocery store manager learns to stand up for himself after a misunderstanding brands him as public enemy #1. Starring Brian Huskey (Veep, People of Earth) and Martin Mull (Arrested Development, Roseanne).
A Piece of Cake
A California father turns to illicit means to get dragées for his daughter’s birthday cake after discovering that the bite-sized silver confections are banned in the state. Starring Rich Sommer (Mad Men).
In a near-future world where all emotions can be controlled by a computerized transdermal “patch” that makes you happy—all the time. A young social worker has second thoughts about her job administering these emotional-regulation patches when she’s assigned a young girl who doesn’t want one. Starring Sunita Mani (Mr. Robot).
Moving Violation
A young woman is determined to “think positive” after a devastating breakup with her fiancé. But when the newly-installed speed camera on her street won’t stop watching her, positive thinking quickly turns to getting even. Starring Milana Vayntrub (Werewolves Within, Out of Office).
The Perfect One
A young painter revives his family’s failing business by taking an innovative risk. Starring newcomer Edmerald Gan and Geoff Lee (Dead Ringers).