MPI Cinematography Workshop Now Accepting Applications

August 15, 2022

MPI is now accepting applications for its immersive cinematography workshop, Moving Picturecraft. Co-led by award-winning MPI filmmaker Benjamin Gaskell and other experienced cinematographers, this workshop educates filmmakers on how lighting, camera, and lens technologies can help them achieve their artistic intentions. 

During the workshop, filmmakers take a simple scene, such as “a couple arguing over their morning coffee,” design the lighting and camera movements, and then film the scene on a soundstage with state-of-the-art equipment. All filmmakers have one hour to run their “sets” as the cinematographer, giving them a sense of time and crew management. When not acting as the director of photography, they assist with other filmmakers’ scenes, experiencing various crew roles. At the end of the workshop, each filmmaker’s final product is reviewed and critiqued by the group. 

This year’s workshop will take place on a world-class soundstage in Los Angeles from September 29 to October 2. Thanks to the generosity of MPI’s supporters, Moving Picturecraft is offered at no cost and includes travel assistance for non-local participants.

A past attendee wrote about the experience, “this workshop taught me an enormous amount about what tools are available to a cinematographer and the variety of ways in which they can be used in order to tell a story. It also gave me hands-on experience with many of them and introduced me to a lot of fantastic filmmakers.” Another filmmaker added, “this experience was especially wonderful because of the facilities, the equipment, and the industry connections that MPI rolled out for our benefit.”

The application deadline is Wednesday, August 24. Aspiring directors and directors of photography should apply here!

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